Pragmatic Preservation

We cannot plan for the future if we look only to the past. We seek to understand the role that historic sites and structures and cultural resources play in society now and in the future. While the stories of places are important to our cultural memory, the role of place has to be based on more than anecdotes. We conduct research and data analysis to help us understand how historic places play a role in our future and how to best manage them today.

We provide consulting services in historic preservation to help you determine which type of preservation is most appropriate to your situation and is best for you. "Preservation" is a broad umbrella for a multitude of approaches to historic and cultural resources, and understanding the differences in approach can provide you with the best position to achieve your desired outcome. Our consulting services in historic preservation include:

  • Preservation Planning
  • Design Services Including Interiors
  • Adaptive Reuse Design, Planning and Feasibility Studies Services
  • Design Review for Compliance with Ordinances, Statutes and Standards
  • Applications and Permitting with Local Governments
  • Federal and State Preservation Tax Credits
  • Local Preservation Incentives
  • National Register Nominations
  • Representation at Committee, Council and other Governmental Meetings
  • Documentation and As-Built Drawings
  • Accessibility Reviews

"Preservation" encompasses many terms and approaches in which we have expertise and for which we can provide you will a context-sensitive assessment to help you understand the approach that will provide you with the best value. Historic landscapes, sites and structures are an essential component of our social and cultural fabric, and deciding how to best manage and plan for this fabric is something we believe is most successful when the complex aspects of the project are fully assessed.

Historic Preservation - preserving sites and structures in their present condition through maintenance and repair of the existing fabric.

Historic Rehabilitation - returning a historic site or structure to a usable and inhabitable state while maintaining its historic character and components.

Restoration - Returning a site or structure to its condition and appearance at a specific point in time.

Reconstruction - recreating or representing a past state of a site or structure for interpretive purposes.

Adaptive Re-Use - Adapting a site or structure to a new use to accommodate new economic or contextual conditions.

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