Economic Development

Economic Development policy is a complex tension of ideas, inputs, outcomes, morals and ethics. Approaching this tension without honesty and authenticity will not produce outcomes that are honest and authentic - or ultimately effective for the place. We look at each Economic Development project as a unique set of conditions and context so that we are providing effective and place-based solutions, not a standard formula that may not be appropriate.

  • Economic Impact Studies

  • Economic Development Corporation Policies & Procedures

  • Organization Development

  • Facility Analysis

  • Geographic Market Analysis

  • Sales and Tax Revenue Trends

  • Mapping and Geography-based Analysis

  • Neighborhood and District Analysis

  • Retail/Restaurant/Business Market Analysis

Our view of Stewardship gives us an obligation to work toward practical, pragmatic solutions to real problems through honest evaluation and analysis. We believe firmly that treating all people with dignity and respect and that listening more than speaking can contribute to the best outcomes.